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World premiere of the Peugeot 3008

For admin · 22.03.09 · Category: Innovations, Peugeot, International Lounges, Last News

Peugeot releases a called completely new model 3008. He turns out to be enormously an innovator and does not have any similarity with any of the models that it has at present or has had in the past.

A new market
It is a question of a completely new concept that unites in the same car the whole spirit of the SUV, of the monovolumes and, enclosed, of the berlins.

To do an idea, the most similar thing to 3008 it might be Qashqai de Nissan. This car is very successful and, probably that's why, many marks want to extract a car that turns out to be similar.

The design of 3008 proves much sugerente because it might look like 308 more large enough, without going so far as to turn out to be so big as 4007. It is slightly intermediate that, also, has certain rural details but without becoming so radical as those of a pure and hard SUV.

A captivating design
His front part is provided with a few lighthouses very similar to those of 308, possesses a broiler of big dimensions that he reminds to that of 4007 and, for below, we find a small chrome protector if this car chooses to penetrate into some area without asfaltar.

His profile presents a very attractive design since he resembles a little the aspect of 308 SW but with a major height of the bodywork, a few rims of major size and certain details like the chrome heelpieces that come to promote his attraction.

The rear presents a few optical exclusive interviews for this model but that resemble also a little 308 as well as the whole area of his large door. On the other hand, the low area of the fender is provided with a darker completely new area that incorporates also a metallic diffuser to protect the shallows when this car between in stony areas.

A functional interior
The interior of this car turns out to be very polyvalent to offer possibilities of all kinds. On the one hand, all his seats, with the exception of the driver, are folding to be provided with a completely flat space that should allow to introduce big objects.

His porter admits a capacity of load of 512 liters, which can go on to 1.604 liters when it meets the depressed seats.

Also, this car counts with a very advanced equipment that includes elements as the projection of information in the windshield, the system of maintenance of the safe distance with the previous vehicle, the brake of electrical parking or the help of starter in earring, between many other things.

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