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New Passat CC, a Coupé Comfort

Written by Manager • September 14th, 2009 • Category: Gallery of images, Innovations, Last News, Videos, Volkswagen

Volkswagen throws the Passat CC, a coupé with excellent comfort, services and design.
With more than 15 million sold units, the Passat represents one of the biggest successes in the history of the motorcar. Now, Volkswagen extends this scale adding to the versions Sedan and Variant a third dimension: the Passat CC. It talks each other of [...]

Volkswagen announced the merger with Porsche

Written for admin • July 27th, 2009 • Category: Companies, Last News, Volkswagen

This week there promised to be a new agreement and a new merger between two big self-propelled Germans as VW and Porsche. In this case Volkswagen AG he announced that he acquires the Porsche totality by means of a merger, although he will respect the autonomy of the mark of the sports Germans.
All this is to counterhand of what had happening [...]

Amarok is the name and December is the date

Written for admin • June 7th, 2009 • Category: Innovations, Last News, Volkswagen

Volkswagen Argentina develó for our country and the rest of the world, the name of the pickup that will take place only in the plant that the German company has in General Pacheco, in the north of the Big Buenos Aires, where from it will be exported to the whole world.
Amarok is the final denomination of this vehicle, which will be [...]

Volkswagen will produce in Argentina the first pick up of the history

Written for admin • Sea 1st, 2009 • Category: Innovations, Last News, Volkswagen

The president of Volkswagen Argentina and South America, Dr. Viktor Klima, confirmed that the company continues with an investment of more than 1300 millions in weight in his plant of Industrial center Pacheco (located in province of Buenos Aires) destined for the production of the first pick up in the history of the mark, which [...]

Volkswagen and Toshiba sign an agreement to develop electrical engines

Written for adminFeb 15th, 2009 • Category: Car parts, Technology, Last News, Volkswagen

The Group Volkswagen and the Japanese company Toshiba have signed an agreement on the development of electrical engines and all the rest electronic modules on the new scale «New Small Family». Also, Volkswagen and Toshiba are studying the development of a system of batteries of high thickness of energy for the next generation of vehicles [...]

Volkswagen Tiguan came

Written for admin • October 5th, 2008 • Category: Innovations, Last News, Volkswagen

A vehicle that re-defines the concept of the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). His dynamism turns it into the ideal symbiosis between the highest march comfort together with excellent services off-road.
His versatility reinforces emotion to the daily adventure that offers us take care of it. This new model appears like the best alternative for all those drivers [...]


Written for admin • September 15th, 2008 • Category: Car parts, Companies, Last News, Volkswagen

Last Thursday, the 23rd of November NORA BUSINESS realized the Forum in the Concessionaire Volkswagen Kafer, in which there informed managers of Postsale of Volkswagen Argentina, YPF and Distributors of Original Stores of the whole Country.
In the oration “Legitimate Stores: Synonymous of Safety”, was explained to the participants how and why the good one [...]

Sixth generation of Volkswagen Golf 2009

Written for adminAgo 10th, 2008 • Category: Last News, Volkswagen

New references and values in his class with the whole Golf dynamism.
The design of the new Golf marks the way of the future of Volkswagen.
The technologies TDI, TSI and DSG improve the fuel saving up to 28 %
It is the first Golf with Adaptive Suspension DCC and Control of Distance ACC.
Volkswagen reveals the most important car secret [...]

Volkswagen ratified investments in the country

Written for admin • June 8th, 2008 • Category: Last News, Volkswagen

The President of the Group Volkswagen Mundial, Dr. Martin Winterkorn ratified formally the investments foreseen in the country - that add more than 1.300 millions in weight - that will allow to increase the speed boxes production and extend the scale of vehicles of the mark.
Accompanied by the President of Volkswagen Argentina and South America, Dr. Viktor Klima, [...]

The car that he parks to remote control

Written for admin • April 27th, 2008 • Category: Technology, Last News, Videos, Volkswagen

The ingenious Volkswagen minds decided that the system of assistance to the parking that we know was not sufficient, and this way they have announced a better solution: Park Assist Vision (PAV).
With this system, the vehicle can slide automatically on any available space, perform already parallel or perpendicular form. Even more, it is not even necessary to be [...]

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