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Alpha Romeo presented to the Myth in Buenos Aires

Written for admin • September 19th, 2009 • Category: Alpha Romeo, Gallery of images, Last News, Videos

The Alpha Romeo MiTo, “Edict Europe 2009”, minicompact sports that for the beauty of his lines and his high mechanical and technological services it has turned into an event in Italy, in other European squares and in the diverse regions of the world to which it is coming, was presented officially in the Republic Argentina.
The version [...]

New Passat CC, a Coupé Comfort

Written by Manager • September 14th, 2009 • Category: Gallery of images, Innovations, Last News, Videos, Volkswagen

Volkswagen throws the Passat CC, a coupé with excellent comfort, services and design.
With more than 15 million sold units, the Passat represents one of the biggest successes in the history of the motorcar. Now, Volkswagen extends this scale adding to the versions Sedan and Variant a third dimension: the Passat CC. It talks each other of [...]

Two Ford's models with automatic parking

Written for adminFeb 8th, 2009 • Category: Ford, Technology, Last News, Videos

[youtube] [/youtube]
Ford Motor Company will present, during 2009, two new models of his luxurious mark Lincoln. There will be the MKS and MKT.
The novel of these models will be that they will come with a system of automatic, so called parking Activate Park Assist.
The drivers, in spite of only oppressing a button can park of rapid, easy and sure form without need to touch [...]

The first car that works only with water

Written for admin • June 16th, 2008 • Category: Technology, Last News, Videos

An innovative Japanese company, called Genepax, has just presented a prototype of car capable of moving using like simple fuel water. The theoretical functioning of the vehicle is simple: it possesses a system capable of separating the hydrogen of the óxigeno of the water, producing electricity for the batteries from the same one.
Genepax has patented his propulsion system, [...]

The car that he parks to remote control

Written for admin • April 27th, 2008 • Category: Technology, Last News, Videos, Volkswagen

The ingenious Volkswagen minds decided that the system of assistance to the parking that we know was not sufficient, and this way they have announced a better solution: Park Assist Vision (PAV).
With this system, the vehicle can slide automatically on any available space, perform already parallel or perpendicular form. Even more, it is not even necessary to be [...]

Videos of publicities of cars

Written for admin • September 2nd, 2007 • Category: Videos

New section: a videos gallery with publicities of cars of the decade of ´60, ´70, ´80, ´90 and current.
Unforgettable commercials that marked an epoch.
To see videos

Videos and photos of the Lounge of the Motor 2007

Written for admin • June 23rd, 2007 • Category: International lounges, Videos

To see videos here

Chevrolet Concept Groove
Diego Torres y Araceli Gonzalez godparents of the Citroen C4

Toyota Concept Fine T
Ford Super Chief

The whole coverage here

New Toyota Avensis

"New" Fiat 500

Written for admin • Sea 26th, 2007 • Category: Curiosities, Fiat, Innovations, Videos

In Turin, on July 4, 1957 there was presenting the New Fiat to himself 500, a real icon of our time with which Fiat was concluding the phase of renaissance initiated after the Second World war. On July 4, 2007, exactly 50 years later, Fiat will appear - always in Turin - new [...]

Publicity of tv of the new Brave Fiat

Written for adminFeb 12th, 2007 • Category: Fiat, Videos

Fiat was presented by the new model Bravo, considered to be vital for the signature in his relaunch strategy and of the one that hopes to make annually 120.000 units, which will be commercialized in 60 countries. The Brave one will be the symbol of the change with which Fiat enters the future. The new Brave one has five doors, with a wide habitability [...]

Hybrid: Chevrolet Volt Concept

Written for adminEne 22nd, 2007 • Category: Chevrolet, Concept Cars, Curiosities, International Lounges, Videos

It was the star of the Lounge of the motorcar of Detroit for his impressive numbers of low consumption together with his system of battery of ion - lithium to move, with an autonomy of up to 1000 km. Undoubtedly General Motors goes for the good way although until 2012 we could not see it in the street. This hybrid [...]

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