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Big Kavigo celebration his 30 years

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On Thursday, the 10th of September the distribution leader in suspension Kavigo celebrated along with providers, clients, personnel and friends his 30 years on the market. At the event there were present 170 guests who were entertained by a luxurious reception in his deposit of Federal Capital.

The proprietors of the signature and hosts of the holiday, Juan Carlos and Luis Iannuzzi, did a “positive balance” of three decades of the company and underlined that the Kavigo situation was always of “constant growth”.

They were present at the big celebration the president of Tenneco Internacional Hari Nair, and Guillermo Minuzzi president of Tenneco South America. Also there were present representatives of the signatures Volkswagen, Fremax, Resmit, Hartiblock, On August 7, Affinia Argentina, Ritossa and Cia., Avco, BTP, The Suspension of Cordova, TO GO Argentina and Fimasa.

Kavigo has managed to be consolidated in his title like leading corporation along his trajectory. His proprietors emphasized that this year was very important because the company was nominated an official concessionaire Volkswagen. And they will travel, invited by the terminal, to Germany to realize the tests of the pick up Amarok, of next throwing in Argentina.

The celebration finished with a dinner of gala where they projected videos with the history of the company and a show of magic.

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