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The first images of the new Fiat Point Evo

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Fiat announced the first images of the Fiat Point Evo, the evolution of the Big Fiat Point. This model, which will be a world novelty in the next Lounge of Frankfurt, is destined to repeat the success of his predecessor, turning into a reference in his segment in innovation, safety and style.

The epithet Evo identifies a level of design capable of satisfying the demands of the most demanding clients in terms of technology, pleasure of driving and I respect to the environment.

The technological excellence of the Point Evo shows itself, first of all, in his novel scale of engines with homologation Euro 5. The second generation of engines emphasizes, this way, so much 1.3 Multijet, like the propellents nafteros 1.4, which already incorporate the innovative technology Multiair developed by Fiat Powertrain. The new Point Evo is provided, also, with two gas versions (natural gas and GLP) that complete a scale of engines of wide environmental commitment. With the target to reduce the consumption and the emission, the new model offers also the system Start&Stop, of subdued and automatic ignition of the engine. The system Start&Stop will offer itself of series in all the engines, diesel and naphtha with homologation Euro 5.

Also the Point Evo releases also a new telematic system, ôBlue&Me Tom Tom”, that fuses in the same portable device the functionalities of Blue&Me (phone bluetooth, MP3) with the navigation for satellite.

In the field of the safety, the Fiat Point Evo expires with the most demanding standards, emphasizing in his equipment 7 airbags, between which there is included the airbag of knee, of series in all the versions. The equipment also includes ESP with Hill Holder, ABS and EBD.
Esthetically, the Point Evo has been remodeled by the Center Stile Fiat, with new interiors (dashboard, seats and instrumentation) and the renewed one "look" in the exterior bodywork.

Technological innovation
The Fiat Point Evo expresses his maximum technological excellence in the incorporation of new engines with homologation Euro 5. It incorporates, this way, the new and revolutionary engines Multiair, as well as the second generation of propellents diesel Multijet.
Developed and patented by FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies – the technology Multiair will be implemented gradually in all the engines of the Group Fiat. Multiair is the electro-hydraulic new system of management of the valves for a dynamic and direct control of the air and of the combustion, cylinder for cylinder, cycle to cycle. Thanks to a direct control of the air, by means of the inlet valves of the engine, without the use of the butterfly, the Multiair reduces the emission and also it improves the yield, on having increased the potency and the turning moment.

Similar results have reached also in the versions diesel, thanks to the adoption of the second generation of engines Multijet. These engines incorporate new injectors common rail that, thanks to a new hydraulic servo-valve, controls with major precision, rapidity and flexibility the quantity of fuel injected into the camera of combustion.
The fan of engines available for the Point of Evo is the most finished and ecological of his segment, incorporating even propellents of alternative fuels, like the natural gas or the GLP.

Blue and Me Tom Tom
The new Point of Evo is equipped also with the last version of the system Blue and Me. “Blue and Me-TomTom” it is an information system and completely integrated entertainment that it manages on the only tactile screen, the phone, the system of navigation and the functions. The device resulted from an alliance between Fiat Group Automobiles and TomTom, integrates with other systems of the car thanks to the Blue and Me. It incorporates also the program "eco:Drive" that offers information in real-time on the conduction style, contributing useful suggestions on the change of march and the use of the gas pedal to reduce the environmental impact and to optimize the consumption.

I respect to the environment
In Fiat, innovation is synonymous of respect to the environment. In fact, the environment is one of the principal factors that are born in mind in the development of the vehicles, placing to Fiat like the mark with the most ecological scale of the European market. The Point of Evo is not an exception.

The new engines Multiair are an example. Compared to an engine of conventional gasoline of the same size, an engine of Multiair it offers more potency (up to 10 %) and pair (up to 15 %), while the consumption is significantly minor (up to 10 %), with minor emission of CO2 (up to 10 %), less particles (up to 40 %) and less of NOx (up to 60 %).

The same way, the second generation of diesel engines Multijet also offers a more precise combustion, with progress in the numbers of consumption, emission, NVH and manageability. This has achieved thanks to a new injection “common rail” that it modulates the fuel injection in the combustion camera, offering, in the engines Euro 5 a progress of about 2 % in the consumption and the emission of CO2, with a reduction of the emission of NOx of up to 30 %.

Continuing with the target of recudir the emission and to moderate the consumption, the new Point of Evo also is equipped with the system Start&Stop, of series in all the propellents with homologation Euro 5.

The methane engine for his part, is the most ecological and economic of his segment. With a few emission of C02 of only 115 g/km, it consumes scarcely 4 fuel euros for every 100 km.

A version of Liquefied gas (GLP) has developed, also, to answer to the extraordinary growth of this market. The Fiat Point Evo GLP is provided with 1.500 km autonomy in extra-urban cycle, and takes into account a few functioning expenses up to 50 % less than his gasoline equivalent.

The Point Evo has been designed and constructed to reach the highest safety levels. The model is provided with a big number of safety devices (of series or optional, depending on the market and the version). As for passive safety, they emphasize 7 airbags (2 frontal airbags, 2 front side airbags, 2 airbags of window and an airbag of knee for the driver). The Point Evo is one of few cars of his segment in which the knee airbag is of series in all the versions.
The model is equipped also with lights fog front parts with cornering (light function in curve). The same way, the Point Evo assures a behavior in constant and predictable highway, thanks to the most advanced systems of dynamic control of the motorcar, from the braking up to the direction. He gets ready, this way, of ABS with EBD and ESP with Hill-holder.

Style and comfort
The Point Evo is more impressive than never thanks to the work of the Center Stile Fiat. In particular, the interiors of the new model have been completely re-designed by materials of the first quality and an excellent attention to the details. The result is a luminous and elegant ambience, with a completely renewed dashboard, new seats, incorporation of different compartments of storage and a new instrumentation.

In the exterior, the hood and the rear part has been re-designed, with new fenders and the incorporation innovative and original headlights and rear lights. Also there has "stretched" the car, which reaches now a 406 centimeters entire length, keeping his leadership like that in interior habitability. Other external dimensions remain invariable, with a 169 cm width, a height of 149 cm and a distance between 251 cm axes.

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