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New engines and I equip for Ford Mondeo

For admin · 04.10.09 · Category: Car parts, Ford, Last News 350 h=x mondeo02 New engines and I equip for Ford Mondeo

Ford Argentina threw to the market new versions in the scale of the Mondeo, the sedan of four doors of the segment of the big ones.

The Mondeo there adds the diesel engine DW10 2.0 l of 140 CV of maximum potency, which additionally, in the version Titanium (most equipped), incorporates the sequential automatic transmission of six speeds. This new engine replaces the diésel 1.8 l of 125 horses, which this model had till now.

According to the company of the oval, this flaming propellent “fulfills at the emission level Euro III and does not possess particles filter, by what he is prepared for the quality of the fuels diésel commercialized in our country”. 349 h=x mondeo01 New engines and I equip for Ford Mondeo

Also there offers itself the version Titanium 2.3 l naftera that delivers 161 horses, with sequential automatic box of six marches, in substitution of the version Ghia 2.0 l naphtha of 145 CV and five marches.

All the new versions Ghia and Titanium now incorporate the module of connectivity (entry to help more port USB) inside the front armrest of the vehicle.

The prices, with VAT included, are the following ones: Ford Mondeo diésel Ghia 2.0 l 140 CV, $ 139.960; Titanium 2.0 l AT, 168.300; naftero Ghia 2.3 l AT, 151.670; Titanium 2.3 l AT, 161.770, and Titanium M, 165.850 weight.

“The attributes most emphasized from the Mondeo, like his impactante I design Kinetic Design, his excellent level of equipment of series, a safety level leader in his class and his dynamics of top handling, they take as a fundamental target to satisfy our demanding clients inside the segment CD”, said Ford's spokesman during the presentation.

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