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Big Crusade Day of the Child

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On Saturday, the 8th of August the Foundation CCRA will celebrate the day of the child and will deliver the toys donated by the whole community.

The president of the institution, Alejandro Repetto, told to Inforepuestos that the Welfare Center gathers the whole year toys new and used to deliver the day of the celebration.

The Foundation CCRA works more than 20 years ago, it is a civil association without ends of lucre that does his biggest contributions to the Welfare Center located in the Quarter The Manzanares, in Ituzaingó.

Today his mission is to cover the food needs for families of the area. Also it is provided with an office of odontology and paediatrics destined to the primary health care of the children.

The Foundation will receive donations of new and secondhand toys next two weeks.

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