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Neumen joins the Garrahan

For admin · 12.08.07 · Category: Community, Companies neumenygarrahan Neumen joins the GarrahanNeumen, Integral Center of the Railcar, began to collaborate with the Program of Recycling of Role of the Foundation Hospital of Paediatrics Garrahan. The same one was born 8 years ago and was designed in order to introduce in the community the habitual practice of separating, joining and donating the role in desuetude.
Those who want to take part in this noble action, only have to bring over to any of 22 divisions Neumen, where they will find the receptacles to be able to deposit role in desuetude: White role or of color, envelopes of all kinds of role, continuous, daily forms and magazines, plastic folders or biblioratos full of role, leaflets, phone books, role copiativo and of fax.
The end of this program is to obtain economic resources to support the integral development of the Hospital Garrahan, institution of reference to the most serious and complex problems of the health of the children of all the regions of our country, in addition to contributing to the protection of the environment.
Those who should want to receive more information about this program only have to communicate to the phone: 0810-333-NEUMEN

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