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The use of GPS grows loudly in the cars

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The sales of GPS doubled and even trebled with regard to 2008. They are useful especially in not well-known places.

The GPS is a navigation system satelital that allows to the driver to know where it is and to allow to guide for the computer towards his destination. The first ones began meeting in the business of domestic appliances of Buenos Aires last year, almost timidly. And this year came the explosion.

In Garbarino they say that in 2009 they are selling three times more than it was selling in 2008. In Frávega they reveal that in June, for the Father's day, they duplicated the number of sales that was coming registering in the previous months. The marks also see a business of big perspectives and bet. In X-View they predict that the prices are going to go down, for the increasing demand in the whole world and for the fall of the costs of manufacture in China. In Noblex they warn that the consumers are still knowing the products and that there is a big potential for developing. And Motorola threw his first products the same month, proclaiming the target to lead the market quickly.

For his initials in English, GPS means system of global position. It works by means of a satellites network and has a development of several decades, which began associated with the spatial and military activity. Today, the GPS for particular cars have a big development in a quantity of countries of the world and seem destined to continue in the Argentina the same way.

His utility exceeds that of the traditional guides of streets and avenues of the City. It serves, for example, to be located from service stations up to restaurants arranged by types of meal or by distance with regard to the starting point.

The impact of the GPS in the road safety, nevertheless, is a debate that is not paid yet not even in other places of the world, where this technology is much more developed. There have appeared studies that they indicate that the GPS reduces the accident risk, because the one who handles does not have to look for the street in which it has to turn or the direction to which it must come, and can concentrate more on the handling.

Most of the devices that sell here come with a feminine voice, which indicates the way with a marcadísimo Spanish accent. Argentine versions are already developing, nevertheless, and there is even one that comes already with the voice of Alfredo Casero, who shouts the driver who neglects an indication of the GPS.

The next step to be developed in the Argentina is the information online: that from a center of control could transmit the user where there are bottling or other obstacles for the transit, so that in this case an alternative way takes.

Why does it serve a GPS
The GPS indicates how to come up to a certain direction: it warns what streets must take and where it is necessary to turn.

It indicates the nearby interest points. For example, the restaurants arranged by distance from the starting point.

It shows the service stations, also with distances. Also he calculates the speed of the car and warns if the maxim excels itself.

Some of them have a system of bluetooth, which allows to connect it in wireless form to the cell phone or to the MP3.

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