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Two Ford's models with automatic parking

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Ford Motor Company will present, during 2009, two new models of his luxurious mark Lincoln. There will be the MKS and MKT.

The novel of these models will be that they will come with a system of automatic, so called parking Activate Park Assist.

The drivers, in spite of only oppressing a button can park of rapid, easy and sure form without need to touch the frill.

The functioning of this novel system is the following one: the driver activates the system after touching a button of the panel that activates the ultrasound sensors to measure and to identify a possible parking space in parallel.

Next, the system asks the driver to accept the assistance system to park.

Thus it is the proper system that takes charge of parking the motorcar. The driver still operates on the pedals of supplying of fuel and of brake.

The visual and/or auditory systems advise the driver on the proximity of other vehicles, objects and persons, at the same time that it provides instructions.

While the system Activates Park Assist he is in charge of parking the car, the driver keeps on being responsible for the safety of the maneuver of parking and it is capable of interrupting the process in spite of only taking the frill.

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