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The Fiat 500 in Argentina

For admin · 04.05.08 · Category: Fiat, Last News fiat500 The Fiat 500 in ArgentinaThe new Fiat 500 transformed quickly in his sales event in the world and 175.000 persons already reserved his unit. From his throwing the future variables appeared already: convertible, Abarth and relative, without counting the extravagant versions as the realized one by StudioM painted with a varnish with dust micronizado of gold of high purity.

For the time being, it is supposed that before end of year there will come to our market some copies of 500, imported with the engine of 100 CV. But, apparently the Italian company would be evaluating the production of the model in Argentina or Brazil.

The motive would be to reduce costs so that the final product is not too expensive. That's why it might install a new assembly line in the industrial center of Betim, Brazil, or in Ferreira's plant in Cordova, which recently produced cars again.

The production of the model in the Mercosur would supply to the markets of the area and the United States. For the time being, so much Argentina and Brazil are in the same conditions as for the economic thing, since after the cost talks each other of a new platform it would be the same for two factories.

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