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New Chevrolet Agile: arrangements in the Rosary plant

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As there are fulfilled the different stages of Living implementation of the so called Project for the production in Rosario del Chevrolet Agile, the plants that shape the industrial complex realize the adaptations of his lines and facilities by the beginning of production of the new model, whose throwing to the market is foreseen by the beginning of the last trimester of 2009.

One of the plants that he has suffered more transformations is that of Presses, which is that where there begins the production process of the models Chevrolet. There the steel sheet is molded in the different pieces that will form the bodywork of new Chevrolet Agile.

This preparation has meant important investments in counterfoils, automation and new technologies, ergonomics, safety, equipment and enlargement edilicia.

The presses plant has extended his facilities in more than 200 square meters to be able to lodge the stock of prime matters (blanks) and it re-used almost 1800 square meters to be able to lodge the stock of completed pieces. Also it re-adapted his facilities to store more than 100 counterfoils that will be used to make the metallic panels that will give form to the new vehicle and that needed of an important investment.

The ergonomics and safety of the personnel also have been one of the focal points in the adequacy of the plant to lodge the new model. For such a motive, he installed to himself an automatic system of change of “Claws of Robots”, which controls in an automatic way the change of devices of grip of the arms of the robots of plant, in accordance with the type of piece to be moved, eliminating completely the human intervention in this process.

This system rests with the introduction of special cars of transport and teams of storage of devices of grip of robots. The installation of the devices of automation and his corresponding networks of technology, as well as the training of the local personnel of the plant of presses, constituted a real international technological exchange, since one was provided with the support of specializing personnel of diverse nationalities of the provider companies that developed his works in the presses plant.

With the equipment and the arranged progress, the presses plant will be in conditions to be able to provide panels to arm over 100,000 cars a year.

Complex Self-propelled General Motors of Rosary makes at present vehicles Chevrolet of two production shifts and uses more than 2000 persons.

Source: Press GM Argentina

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