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Volkswagen will produce in Argentina the first pick up of the history

For admin · 01.03.09 · Category: Innovations, Last News, Volkswagen 194 h=x vwpacheco Volkswagen will produce in Argentina the first pick up of the history

The president of Volkswagen Argentina and South America, Dr. Viktor Klima, confirmed that the company continues with an investment of more than 1300 millions in weight in his plant of Industrial center Pacheco (located in province of Buenos Aires) destined for the production of the first pick up in the history of the mark, which will materialize at the end of the present exercise.

Together with the Chief of the Ministers' Office of the Nation, Lic. Sergio Massa, and other officials, Dr. Klima covered the works that are realized in the Industrial center Pacheco, which, between other investments, was extended in 16.000 square meters, equipped with 105 robots of the most modern technology and whose painting plant was adapted for the manufacture of the new utilitarian product.

This investment - originally of $ 1000 millions - was announced on October 16, 2007. “Since then and despite the adverse circumstances of the global economy - told the President of Volkswagen Argentina and South America - we keep on working to achieve the target to begin the production of the pick up at the end of 2009 ″.

“We are sure that, like all the product Volkswagen, piece of news pick up, it will have the maximum quality, the best technology, the most efficient engines, more rendidores and more careful than the ambience”, supported Dr. Viktor Klima on having spoken before guests and press, between whom there were the ministers of Production, Missis Débora Giorgi, and of Work, Employment and Social security, Dr. Carlos Tomada, and the Manager of the Party of Tiger, Dr. Julius Caesar Zamora.

When it was decided to make the first pick up of the mark, Volkswagen AG arranged that it was taking place in Germany and Argentina, but in October, 2008, the house counterfoil plant decided to grant this important responsibility to only one: the Industrial center Pacheco.

In accordance with the programmed, during 2010, the production of the pick up Volkswagen will be 55.000 units and it will go increasing up to coming to 95.000 annual units.

Throughout last months, Volkswagen Argentina has constructed more than 16.000 square meters of enlargement of his plant to destine them to the production of the pick up, what extended the covered surface of the Industrial center Pacheco to 166.000 square meters.

Also 105 robots of last technology were installed, destined to the armed one and welding of parts, of bodyworks, and to the painting plant.

To the lines transportadoras of the plant, 2 kilometers of specific use joined for the pick up.

Until February, 2009, to realize the works destined for the production of the pick up Volkswagen, there were hired 140 companies, mostly Argentinians, who gave employment to thousands of workpeople.

Also, this project will demand 642.000 hours of training, with an investment near to 60 millions in weight.

Also, the principal providers autopartistas are investing approximately 600 millions in weight to supply the manufacture of the new product.

The civil works, the equipment and the training, they will serve so that the production of the pick up Volkswagen begins in Pacheco at the end of the present year and is exported to Latin America and the world.

Source: Press Volkswagen

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