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For admin · 24.01.07 · Category: Car parts rudac Waffles for secondhand car partsFrom the next month the commerce enabled to sell secondhand car parts will have to be obligatorily inscribed into the Only Record of Desarmaderos of Railcars and Connected Activities (RUDAC) and to identify his car parts stock with the waffles identificatorias, to be able to work legally. This type of control for the activity of commercialization of secondhand respuestos will allow to brake the black pieces market. The way of exercising a control arises seriously at the end of 2001 and beginning of 2002, when the numbers of self-propelled theft came to record numbers. In July, 2003 there promulgated the Law 25.761, so called Law of Car parts. This law, regulated one year later, was giving birth to a desarmaderos record, was establishing that there had to be made a list of 30 pieces of cars that necessary had to take identification and the steps were stipulated to dismiss to a vehicle. Finally the National Direction of the Record of Property Railcar it could specify the RUDAC. And now, from February of this year, his rules will be put into practice. Thus there will be able only to work the qualified desarmaderos where there will be commercialized the car parts identified with this corresponding waffle. This waffle expressed by the Direction of the Record of the Railcar, is a sticker with a bar code. When the desarmadero buys cars to sell his parts, it must proceed with the “definitive Fall with pieces recovery” and there the Self-propelled Record will grant him the corresponding waffles so that the desarmadero places them in the denounced parts. Although it is always recommended to buy original stores, it is necessary to bear in mind that the average of antiquity of the current self-propelled park is twelve years, and to the users of cars that stopped of comercializarce more than 15 years ago it is complicated to them to obtain certain stores, and that's why many resort to buy in this commerce. With these new rules one thinks about how to control the thefts of this type of vehicles, since on this black market the most looked pieces are those of the cars with some years. The Fiat One, Volkswagen Gol, the Fiat Dune, the Fiat 147, Ford Escort, are between the favorite ones. They go directly to the scrapping because on the market many stores need. Another point of standing out is that the current legislation foresees fines of up to 200 thousand weight or the disqualification of up to three years to those who do not fulfill with the established for the Law 25.761.

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