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For admin · 20.08.07 · Category: Companies bosch good-looking Bosch to the trainingBosch inaugurated his center of Technical training, and it is a question of the Center of bigger Hispanic speech of America, it relies on with a surface of more of 1000m2, and it demanded an investment of $ 2 millions. It aims at mechanics of the Network Bosch Service and independent workshops and has projected to qualify more than 1000 technical staff during the first year.

Bosch, world leader in self-propelled technology, works in search of the permanent innovation and for it it prepares the professionals for the technology of the present and the future. With the target to answer to the technological requests of the market – more and more sophisticated ones - and to the demand of training of the Network Bosch Service and independent workshops, the company inaugurated the Training center Bosch Argentina.

This space demanded an investment of $ 2.000.000 and it occupies a surface of more than 1000 square meters, with a modern architectural conception and a design based on the most demanding international standards of the company, creating this way the Training center Bosch of more important Hispanic speech of America. The building is provided with two spaces dedicated to developing all the theoretical contents for the professional.

Also, the property is provided with four laboratories and a lounge of work dedicated exclusively to the practical part of the training, allowing to realize effective practices in the vehicles. The new center will be provided with a cadre of permanent instructors and the last technology in Teams of Diagnosis, dedicated entirely to the training. Thus it will be possible to extend the diversity of the courses of Bosch, from injection of naphtha (Mototronic), safety systems (ABS, ESI, Airbag) and air conditioning, up to Car Audio and management of workshop. The programs will be carried out in days that will go from two until three days generally and one plans to qualify more than 1000 mechanical technical staff during the first year of functioning.

The professionals who are present at the courses will obtain a certificate of Robert Bosch Industrial Argentina S.A. For reports and inscription, to enter in or for mail to

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