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Fiat, the most respectful of the environment

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According to the last report realized by the British counsel Calf Dynamics, referred to the 1st semester of 2009, Fiat is confirmed once again like the car mark with minor average emission in his scale of commercialized vehicles. With an average of emission of 129,1 g/km (the number was 133,7 g/km six months ago) Fiat turns, also in the only volume mark in 130 reaches a few low average emission to g/km, going forward in 6 years to the target marked by the EU for 2015. “The Fiat results are impressive – he affirms the CALF report - bearing in mind the volume of sales and the largeness of his scale”.

For car groups, the first position also relapsed into the Group Fiat, with a few average emission of CO2 of 132,9 g/km. Next there are located Toyota, PSA, Renault and Hyundai.

The results of this one to analysis demonstrate the Fiat commitment to find innovative and accessible solutions that reduce the pollutant emission. The new engines Multiair (gasoline) and Multijet II (diésel), the changes robotizados and the system Start&Stop there constitute some examples of technologies already applied to the motorcars in his bet for a sustainable mobility.

It is not also necessary to forget that the ecological Fiat baggage contemplates other important milestones, like to having been the builder who threw and invented the direct injection and the common rail for tourisms diésel. Or also, the being leaders in propulsion for methane and in the technology that allows to use fuels of vegetable origin, with that he leads the Brazilian market for more than 20 years. In 2009, also, it has introduced a new scale of engines of GLP to complete the offer of alternative fuels.

As for the conduction habits, the mark has just thrown the new system Ecodrive ( It is a question of a computer application developed jointly with Microsoft, which allows to the drivers to know in real-time to what extent his conduction habits affect to his consumption and to the emission of pollutant elements. The system processes in detail all the information referred to the characteristics of conduction of the users. Thanks to the versatility of the port USB Blue&Me, the above mentioned information is transmitted across the same USB so that it could be read later in the computer. At present, more than 25.000 users of motorcars Fiat use every day this ecological "trainer".

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